About Me

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Jeremy Aldrin Velasco or Jem, for short, is a writer, photographer, and a graphic artist from Manila. He is currently a communication student and an aspiring social media influence and blogger in order to inspire many people through his works. He likes to call himself a Hidden Gem because of his patience in his works.

Heller!!!  I began blogging around 2011 then left, but now I’ve decided to bring my blog back to life on 2016 to help me pursue my dream as a writer in all aspects I am enthusiastic about—photography, literature, fashion, music, my adventures, or basically anything that’s related to me and how I’m managing to be a communication student.

I currently live in Las Piñas city in Southern Manila, Philippines with my mom, my 2 siblings, and our dog (dad’s living abroad to keep us alive and well)

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Our most recent photo togther (Nov. 2015)

I am a journalist, a writer, a poet, a photographer, and a performer. This blog helps me improve most of what I am and inspire people with what I do. If you’re curious enough, you’ll see that my past posts in this blog were all thoughts and essays which eventually stopped when I got no more motivation to post. So I this time I’ll get to talk about my personal interest and how I’m managing my university life while I blog

In this blog, you’ll see me write about a ton of things starting from showcasing my favorite literary pieces that I wrote, simple photoshoots I do for fun, music reviews about my favorite Korean artists (though I still listen to English songs), also movie reviews on films that people need to watch. Sometimes, I would write about my life and the places and events I go to as a little exposure of my personality.

But most importantly, this blog shall always be filled with the things I am passionate about so I’d like you all to enjoy.

Music is a very big essential for me especially Korean music. I’ve been a fan of Kpop since 2012 and until now I’ve been jamming to them. Although I enjoy Kpop, I also enjoy Western music and, of course, local music. I’m open to every genre that tingles my ears, but I’m mostly all about R&B and Pop and a little Electronic. My way of writing reviews wont be as technical as a real music critic, but it will come from the point of view of a person who enjoys music and describes it in simpler terms.

I’m really thankful that for every one of you who stops by and check out my posts, so it’s a pleasure if you drop me a message so we could get to know more about each other. I’m also open to comments and suggestions on what I should talk about and in what more ways could I make my blog a better place for people like you. You can also reach me on Instagram and Twitter account. Don’t forget to subscribe and follow my blog!

Thank you very much!



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