‘Love Cherry Motion’ Review, bright but foxy Choerry

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Choerry’s album art

She snatched everyone’s edges!

Meet LOONA’s July girl who just happened to be deceiving many first viewers of her music video, Choerry (can simply be read as cherry), who is represented by the color purple and a bat.

She released her music video, Love Cherry Motion, on July 29 which is a funky pop dance track, which I believed doesn’t seem to match with Kim Lip and JinSoul’s previous releases.

Or so I thought.

Love Cherry Motion

So if you’ve heard LOONA’s previous releases, Eclipse and Singing in the Rain, you’ll know that these tracks are just to die for—with Eclipse‘s smooth and groovy urban RnB genre and Singing in the Rain‘s pulsing beats with its hard beat drop in its future bass genre. Choerry now comes in with a different approach, but still keeping that dark vibes Kim Lip and JinSoul showed.

Similar to the previous releases, Choerry was saying something at the first part as she’s also making beautiful vocal runs, before singing the first line.

The beat then comes in brightly and cheerfully as Choerry started singing and you just know that it’s a bop. Choerry’s vocals aren’t as soft as Kim Lip’s; not as clear and mature as JinSoul’s; but she has this lovely vocals that balanced that softness and clarity well in a funky pop track.

Transitioning to the pre-chorus, Choerry makes a vocal run that just resonates inside your head beautifully as the song builds up and goes to the chorus smoothly. In the chorus, you’ll feel that summer vibe as the music video shows other LOONA members, Haseul and Yeojin, with Choerry playing in the pool while we see Choerry dancing with her backup dancers in a chic and playful choreography.

This where Choerry snatched everyone’s wigs.


At the almost-end of the chorus, we hear snares like it’s building up to a break down and suddenly the beat drops and the tempo changes then we switch from that funky pop tack to a sexy trap pop music and Choerry transforms from a bubbly chic to that sexy alluring woman with the beat change. The beat change lasted for a second before it beautifully transitions back to the funky pop track and Choerry starts singing again.The flow it repeats all over again with the poppy feels in the verses and it slows down in the pre-chorus before going back in to that summer vibe chorus.

Then it goes back to that beat change in the bridge again. This time with added instruments that sounded like Egyptian music which brought out that sexy feels to it while Choerry danced with her dancers plus Kim Lips and JinSoul.

That’s right. Kim Lip and JinSoul were also part of the music video because BlockBerry Creative (BBC) gave us a little sneak as to what kind of sub-unit we’ll be expecting. This explained the beat changes and that sexy dark feels to it even if Choerry started the song with an upbeat tempo.

After a few seconds of dance break while Choerry was saying something at the same time (well, more like whispering into the beat), the trap pop beat remained to showcase more of Choerry’s alluring side. This is the part wherein her vocals turned from bubbly to a stronger one which was why I said that she balanced her vocals for both genres in one song amazingly.

Glimpes of Kim Lip, JinSoul, and Choerry’s animal

Now that we’re done with the music, it’s time to briefly discuss Choerry’s invention of the color purple (Hahaha!). Just like Kim Lip and JinSoul’s intros in their own music videos, we can see Choerry with her purple school uniform walking down a path. By the way, the music video was shot in Jeju Island so the scenes were just perfect!

Iconic walking down a path at the start of their videos

Choerry then hangs out with Haseul and Yeojin, who were wearing red and blue shirts (which represents Kim Lip and JinSoul’s colors). Choerry then changes her clothes into a purple and white shirt with purple denim shorts (I love those shorts). They continue on with the bubbly scenes, until Choerry sees a cherry, eats it, then we’re transported to that alluring beat drop.

Some other shots were shown were shown in a little box wherein Cheorry’s wearing that pretty purple dress that has this transparent skirt while she wears a pair of purple clothes beneath them. During the bubbly scenes, the box was soft in color and we see Choerry smiling, but when the beat drops the room turns into dark purple and we see different shots turning red then blue then purple as we also see a bat—Choerry’s anima—and Kim Lip and JinSoul in the dance breaks dancing with Choerry.

By the end of video, Choerry was looking at three moons—a red one, a purple one, a blue one—which are all representations of the girls. Also if you notice, there is also a shot wherein three girls are standing at the edge of a river but we don’t see their faces, but we know there are three girls and that’s Kim Lip, JinSoul, and Choerry going to debut in September as a new sub-unit for LOONA, however there will be no activities in August as the girls will be resting.

Loving the purple aesthethics

In short, Love Cherry Motion‘s music video truly is another aesthethic masterpiece by BBC that satisfied us when we were waiting for the July girl to be released. From the music to the video production, everything was perfect and pleasing to both the eyes and the ears.

I look forward to seeing the three girls debuting in September in which I will be making a review on their mini-album.

I also hope you listen to Choerry’s side track, Puzzle, sang by Choerry and JinSoul which showcased more of Choerry’s vocal flair and harmonies with JinSoul as they blended perfectly. It was also produced by Daniel Obi Klein, who produced Kim Lip’s Eclipse so this side track was, yet, another bop to listen to.

You can buy Choerry’s music here in iTunes and you can also stream in Spotify!

That’s it for this blog post and I’ll see you again with another blog post sooner or later!





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