‘Kita Kita’ Review, a Light Film that Breaks the Heart

Photo from Kita Kita Official Facebook page

Not all leading men are tall, handsome, and built.

This is what frankly summarizes Spring Film’s new romantic comedy movie that earned thousands of praises from thousands of people. With the film’s leading actress, Alessandra de Rossi, Kita Kita brings forth a film that received thousands of praises because of its quirkiness thanks to the hard work of the film’s leading man, Empoy Marquez.

Although it is a story people may find original, looking at the movie thoroughly brings the audience to that typical romantic comedy film that has been showed millions of times in cinemas.

But with its own twists and creativity.

Recycled Storyline

Written by and directed by Sigrid Andrea Bernardo, the movie’s plot has your typical happy-go-lucky guy, Anthony “Tonyo” Marquez (Empoy Marquez) trying to make your typical cold-hearted girl, Lea (Alessandra de Rossi), soften, who got her heart-broken because of a man she was about to marry soon and got temporary blindness because of too much stress.

Set in Sapporo, Japan, you have Tonyo trying to be friends with Lea, as they are both Filipinos living in the same foreign country, who constantly rejects his companionship as she doesn’t see the point of a normal guy being friends with a blind girl.

Typical storyline comes in when Lea finally gives in and the two explore Sapporo with Tonyo serving as Lea’s eyes. The rest of the story is just full of surprises for people who haven’t watched the movie.

Excellent Portrayal

If you’ve seen Alessandra de Rossi’s previous acting, she’s always excelled at portraying mature and sexy roles in either TV series or films. Which is why her role as a quirky, happy-go-lucky girl brings a new vibe in her acting career.

It didn’t disappoint the audience as she was able to play her character well, plus the natural laughs she makes whenever her co-star, Empoy, makes jokes in the film. You can really see the freshness and feel her emotions through her portrayal.

Empoy Marquez’s portrayal of his character, on the other hand, was an easy task for a comedian like him. Although not intended, his ad-libs brought joy and laughter to the audience as it was already his personality that was showing in the screens.

However, because of Empoy’s excellence in comedic acts, it prevented the climax of the story to pinch the heart of the viewers and go over the top. He would still be making the audience laugh even when the scenes are at the most heart breaking part.

Soft Colors and Perfect Angles

Kita Kita’s director and production staff didn’t fail to capture the beauty of Sapporo, Japan and bring it to the audience through the big screens. Its soft colors brought out the exquisite environment as Lea and Tonyo explored the different parts of Sapporo that made the audience feel the vibe of the city, itself.

The director of photography, Boy Yniguez, also did an excellent job with the different camera angles as he went to an artistic approach, as it certainly left the viewers in awe with the way different scenes were shot in perfect close-ups and perfect symmetry.

With the revival of Air Supply’s, Two Less Lonely People, sang by Kz Tandigan, it made the film feel more original and brought more colors to the story with the perfect melody.

Stereotyping No More

The beauty of Kita Kita lied in the concept of not having the dreamy prince charming type of leading man who fulfills every woman’s fairytales, which brought positive feedbacks from viewers as it was considered a fresh type of concept. It’s time to end the stereotypes for a typical romantic type of film with a not-so dreamy type of guy for the girls.

The film industry in the Philippines always focused in producing romantic films with the typical appearances of the leading characters, so this film made a huge different in the industry norm as it, yet again, broke stereotypes. Hoping that the success of Kita Kita would send messages not only to the audience, but also to movie makers to try a different approach on romantic films.

Kita Kita may have a recycled storyline that followed previous rom-com films, what made the film exquisite were the portrayals of characters and the excellent cinematography, and topping the story off with different plot twists that wouldn’t leave audiences any regrets in watching this film.



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