‘Singing in the Rain’ Review, majestic bass track

JinSoul’s album art

LOONA is back with JinSoul as the June girl!

While the previous girl, Kim Lip, was given the color red, I think it’s quite easy to guess the next girl’s color and her concept.

That proved me right when BlockBerry Creative (BBC) revealed JinSoul, who was represented by the color blue and a betta fish, with her title track ‘Singing in the Rain’ which is a future bass track—a complete opposite to Kim Lip’s soft and groovy track, ‘Eclipse.’

Singing in the Rain

Just like Kim Lip’s ‘Eclipse’, the song start with JinSoul saying something, then as soon as the song started, the beat just escalates quickly into that upbeat tempo that’s just like an accelerating heart beat. It just forces you to bop into the beat at the very start with the matching vocal tempo from JinSoul. Then it accelerates more as it gets to the second verse then JinSoul finally brings it down with her vocals in the pre-chorus.

By the way, JinSoul’s vocals are also opposite to Kim Lip’s “lazy” and RnB vocals. JinSoul’s vocals are just clear and strong that goes well with the bass track. If Kim Lip’s vocals resonated through the walls with ‘Eclipse’, then JinSoul’s vocals are slapped right in front of your face in ‘Singing in the Rain.’

The tension then builds up during the end of the pre-chorus and the beat then comes in beautifully as JinSoul sang “Singing in the rain” while she slayed the choreography for this one. When the chorus ended, the beat changes again but you can still hear that little pulsing beat in the background, then right after the verse we get a rap section from JinSoul!

Her rap was amazing! It took me by surprise as she came and slayed it with the rap. Basically, I told myself, she’s a rapper who slays with her vocals! In the second pre-chorus she hits that little high note before the beat builds up again and we get into another beat drop at the chorus before transitioning to the bridge.

Image result for jinsoul singing in the rain

Like Kim Lip, JinSoul was also saying something before jumping back to the pre-chorus but, this time, mixed with that pulsing beat as the tension was built again, then it went all the way to the last chorus again beautifully again. The music then was dropped leaving only the vocals as it finished the song along with the last move by JinSoul and her backup dancers neatly.

Just beautiful.

Now her MV’s also quite the opposite from Kim Lip’s outdoor scenes in an abandoned building. JinSoul’s set was more of indoors as she’s represented by a betta fish.

JinSoul’s animal represent

Her scenes change into different sets as there is a set wherein she’s in a middle of nowhere, a set wherein she dances in water, a setting where she’s surrounded by aquariums with a lot of gold fish, and all those. They’re just too many.

Just kudos to the director of the music video because it was also just beautiful! At the very end, she was actually singing the rain and I think that’s the most crucial part of the video, because why make a music video for ‘Singing in the Rain’ when there isn’t an actual scene where there is singing… in the rain.

Image result for jinsoul singing in the rain fish
Actual singing (and dancing) in the rain

On a side note, JinSoul’s side track is title ‘Love Letter’ sang by her and Kim Lip. As what the company mentioned, ‘Love Letter’ may look like a ballad number done by the girls, but it’s actually another groove music that brings Kim Lip and JinSoul’s distinct style together in one song, so also be sure to check that out as it’s also another jam you shouldn’t miss.

Also, I heard that when July girl is released, a sub-unit will be formed featuring Kim Lip, JinSoul, and the July girl. Well, I’m already looking forward to that! Hope you guys are too!

You can buy JinSoul’s album on iTunes and you can also stream her music on Spotify!

See you in my next post!



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