‘Eclipse’ Review, Kim Lip serving smooth jams

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Kim Lip’s album art

Why haven’t I discovered her earlier?

Apparently, I’ve been so outdated with other artists in the Korean music world, because I have just been boxing myself with my favorite groups and not exploring other artists that are hidden gems. LOONA/Kim Lip’s Eclipse is a part of those hidden gems, that are yet to be discovered by millions of K-pop fans.

To quickly explain, LOONA is an upcoming girl group formed by BlockBerry Creative (BBC) set to debut in 2018.  Each month, a member will be released with her own song until the twelfth girl is revealed.

They already started last year with Heejin (Bright Pink) last September, followed by Hyunjin (Yellow), then Haseul (Green), then Yeojin (Orange), next was ViVi (Pastel Rose), and then this month’s girl was revealed to be Kim Lip, represented by an owl and the color red.


She debuted with the song, Eclipse, which was an Urban RnB type of song produced by Daniel Obi Klein, who was also the produce of E-Sen’s acclaimed album “The Anecdote.”

The song started with Kim Lip talking while there’s another voice of hers that’s already making vocal runs, giving the listeners chill vibes. Once she started singing her lines, you just get “wow-ed” by her vocals as she really has that RnB type of vocals and it’s was just perfect. I don’t know what you call it, but I’d like to describe her vocals as that lazy type of vocals that you’ll just love to listen in a groovy type of song.

Kim Lip before the start of the song

It gets even better when she started singing the chorus as she backs it up with another vocal runs that just resonates in your ears—not to mention the choreography was also smooth that your body would just groove into. I’d also like to give an emphasis to the synthesizers in the background as it gave the song a little 90’s vibe to it.

At the bridge part, she speaks again another line while she does another vocal run which then escalates to a an almost whistle tone that takes the listeners to the highest level then bringing it back again to that groovy chorus, adding her ad-libs until the song ends.

Now if you the song satisfied you, then the music video would completely please you as well, as Kim Lip invented the color red (Hahaha!). 

The video’s aesthetically red, also with the mix of black and white to emphasize more of the color red’s fierceness. The video transitions to three different scenes: Kim Lip and her back up dancers in an abandoned stadium like settings, Kim Lip alone in that abandoned stadium with her casual outfit, and Kim Lip and her back up dancers in a dance studio

Kim Lip’s animal representation

LOONA/Kim Lip’s Eclipse has been my jam ever since I discovered it. I’m still feeling bad about my late discovery because I just missed a lot. I may have to write more reviews or impressions with the next music or music videos that I’ll encounter for the next few weeks (or months lol).

I hope you guys also listen to Kim Lip’s side track, “Twilight”, produced by Cha Cha Malone, who also produced Jay Park’s “Me Like Yuh” (which is also a jam of mine), that is also another groovy track by Kim Lip that intensifies her personality as the red girl in LOONA.

That is all for this post and I hope to catch you guys with LOONA’s next girl.

You can buy their music on iTunes and you can also stream their music in Spotify




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