Scout Campus Tour x UP Diliman 2017

17814361_1859252614322480_1948390302546883597_oWho travels from the south all the way up to the north just to attend an event and go home with nothing? Obviously, me (hahaha). But for your information, it wasn’t just any event and I didn’t go home with nothing. It was Scout Magazine’s first campus tour held in the University of the Philippines, Diliman last March 31 and I was that kid living in the southern part of Metro Manila who dragged a friend to travel to the northern part and attend the event.

By the way, I didn’t bring my camera to the event ’cause I was in a hurry so I would just like to thank Scout Mag for the photos that I’ll be using for this blog post (*hides because of shame)

The event starts at 12 PM and since we were far from the venue, we had to meet at around 10-11 AM at the bus station. By 12:46 PM we were still at Ortigas so I was kind of panicking. Funny thing also was my friend and I never commuted to UP, Diliman before so it added a little thrill factor to our little adventure. We arrived around 1 PM and that’s where our campus tour experience started!

My friend, JC, and I at the registration booth getting our vent passports and the April – March Issue
Follow them on Facebook and Instagram
Me trying to be strategic on how we’ll win and the nachos


We were winning, supposedly

We were given event passports that had a list of things to accomplish like follow Scout Mag on Facebook and Instagram, use the photobooth, write on the freedom wall, andmy favorite part the eventplaying the giant games wherein if you win, you get free food! For our first game, we got to play Twister with a new friend of ours, Princess, who happened to be alone and in order to participate in the games, you need at least three people in your group. Eventually, the two were no match for my skills (hahaha) which ended to having me winning the free nachos!

Then we played another game called Scout Pongsimilar to Beer Pong, but no beers (lol)—wherein we met another group of friends who we were going to play against with. Each member only had five chances to try and shoot at least three yellow balls to the opposing team’s baskets in order for us to win. Believe it or not, nobody won even after we had a total of three rematches. So there weren’t any free nachos for the both team.

“I want ice cream right now”


Meeting new friends

Then we attended this talk about Art Therapy and, even though I wasn’t an artist, I had a slight want to owning an art journal because of the talk. We had an activity though. People were asked to draw or write on an index card anything that comes into their mind and whoever shares his work to everyone, he’ll get a free notebook!

I was the second one to recite and share my work to everyone as I drew a deliciously delicious ice cream and got my prize (Yayy!!!). JC got his turn too so we both had the notebooks. I still don’t know what I’ll be using it for and my sister’s already asking for it (lol). Is this a sign that I should pursue with the art journal thingy?


At around 6 PM we came back from our late lunch and saw that Jensen and the Flips were already performing! It was actually my first time seeing them perform live and hearing their songs since I wasn’t familiar of them. They came to our university once during the university week, but I didn’t catch them, so seeing them this time made me realized how much I missed during the university week. I got hooked by one of their songsit definitely wasn’t Slow (hahaha). When I got home, I immediately searched for their album and started streaming their music.

The only decent photo I took with my phone (lol)

Scout Campus Tour 2017 wasn’t a bad event to attend since it was also my first time. I got to play games, meet new friends, got inspired by guest speakers, and learned more about Scout Magazine. I was supposed to bring a portfolio with me and tried to be part of the Scout Team, but I still wasn’t confident about my works so I didn’t pushed through with it. I am definitely looking forward to the next Scout Campus Tour and maybe I’d bring some more friends and I might stumble upon the girls again. Thank you Scout for the good experience!

I apologize for posting a blog post at such a later time about this event. I was deciding whether I should do it or not, but when the photos came out today, I decided I’d give it a shot. Hope you guys enjoyed this post and since it’s already our summer vacation, I’ll try to update as often as I can.

Thanks for reading!


#ScoutCampusTour #SCOUTxUP


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