Neutrals and Pastels (feat. Shanne, JC, Matthew and Froi)


Aren’t they just soft in the eyes?

Recently, some people have been going crazy over neutral and pastel colors. They just look so clean and comforting. Like what I said before, I don’t really like going with the mainstream because it just makes me feel uncomfortable and I just want to divert. Luckily, not everyone’s been going gaga over pastel colors as much as they  go crazy over the neutral colors. That’s a good thing ’cause I don’t have much neutral-colored clothes anyway haha!

This is also the first time I’ve tried wearing shades as part of my full outfit (They aren’t even mine haha) because sometimes wearing shades can make someone like me look like a blind man with no direction in life. So as much as possible, I tried avoiding shades when styling myself, but—hey, it’s already 2017—it’s not a bad thing to try out new things and today’s outfit didn’t disappoint me.

Overall, wearing pastel and neutral colors may not be my everyday fashion style on the streets when going out with my friends, at least I know for a fact that I enjoy wearing them—enjoying how I look clean and fresh in them. Another thing I love in the photos are how the setting blended perfectly with out outfits and while I was processing the photos I was legit fanboying at our photos. Lighting really is an essential part of outdoor photo shoots.

dsc_9660dsc_9668Another about today’s shoot was the very first time I took photos at Prism Plaza near Mall of Asia (MOA). I’ve been there several times, already but those were the times I wasn’t blogging yet, so when I had to attend a party and it was nearby  MOA, I told my friends we need to be there early so we could do a photo shoot at a place I’d like to show them and, boy, were they amazed.



I also did a video blog on this day so I’ll be posting it on my Youtube account, if you guys would like to watch it. It features me and my friends walking on the MOA seaside, me taking photos of my friend, me introducing them and basically the debut party we had at Vikings.



Shades: Rayban

Polo: Rafael

Shorts: Urban Pipe

Shoes: Dexter comfort

Photos taken by:  JC Pacis

And now I introduce my friends who I willingly introduced Two E-Com and took their photos wholeheartedly, because it’s what I love more than posing in front of the camera. I’m really an awkward guy in front of cameras so I enjoy taking the photos rather than posing in front of hem cam. 


Instagram: shannebarroga

I enjoyed Shanne’s photos the most because she can pull off poses with so little effort. I also love how her photo has that vintage vibe and that second photo got my—and everyone else’—jaw dropping. She is such a babe.

Shades: Rayban

Denim jacket: bought from bazaar

Top: Forever 21

Pants: Pari Passu Dama Square

Bag: Jimmy Choco

Shoes: bought from bazaar


Instagram: pacispast

JC’s the type of guy who’d be happy to pose around cameras—may it be photos or videos—and he’s not afraid to express himself. That’s why I also enjoyed taking his photos because he knows what he’s doing;  a fun person to be with too!

Shades: Sunnies

Top: Chancellor9000

Socks: H&M

Shoes: Vans


Instagram: supremo_ma

This is the first I actually had a photo shoot with Matthew and I don’t know how to shoot his photos, but luckily he knows himself from top to bottom. He’s the one who tells me what shots I should do to him and he’s great in photos. Hope to have another shoot with him soon.


Shirt: Bench

Watch: Casio

Denim bottom: Folded and Hung

Shoes: Airforce 1


Instagram: poroy_carandang

Froi’s the type of guy who’d pose and do crazy stuff off-cam, but the moment I pull out the camera to take his photos, he becomes awkward and a little bit uncomfortable to pose. I don’t know the reason, but good thing Matthew was there to help him with his photos. Also, I love his outfit.

Shades: Rayban

Polo: Penshoppe

Shorts: Giordano

Top sider: Hush Puppies

I hope you guys enjoyed this fashion blog. I made sure to bring friends in this post and feature them as well, because I really did enjoy taking their photos. Make sure you follow or drop them a message. I hope we get to be in more photo shoots and I’ll get to include in my blog. Comments or suggestions are very much appreciated. Thank you!

Thanks for reading!




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