Photo by Kittine Mayo. For more of her work, visit her Instagram

A country in the Southeast
Where people celebrate and feast
On the 24th day of December
And Christmas begins around September

Religious as they can be
People go to church after three
It’s a little too early, if you ask
But it’s one of their biggest tasks

Do people here believe in Santa
That makes all the kids in town go bananas?
I gave up on that belief long ago
Who says I can’t receive from someone I don’t know?

Christmas trees and flashing lights
Lighting up the streets in every sight
Flashes here and flashes there
Everyone gets a picture—to be fair

Noche Buena’s what they call it
Where everyone gathers around and sit
Feast on the viands on the table
Don’t worry—everything is edible

A place where snowflakes don’t fall
And people spend time in shopping malls
Christmas in the Philippines doesn’t blow
Even if there aren’t no snow

A warm blanket to wrap myself with
I’d stay like this ’til the 25th
Or I could stay up late beside you
With sleep in mind—and nothing more to do

I know it’s been a while since I last posted something here and, obviously, this was SUPPOSED to be posted on the 24th of December but things just got busy with my schedule and got no time to write and post :(((( But I still hope you enjoy this little piece of mine.

By the way, I’m from a religion that doesn’t celebrate Christmas (Iglesia ni Cristo)

What inspired me to write this piece is a song from Reese Lansangan which is called ‘No Snow.’ She’s also from the Philippines and I just love how she described Christmas season in the Philippines through a song (even without snow).

You can check her song on Spotify!


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