My Time With the Wonders

dsc_7678So I did attend the 365 Wonders 2017 Creative Planner launch last night, Nov. 25, and can I just say how solid it was to be surrounded by different artists, each with their own way of showing their form of their own art. I honestly felt that, for once, I am in the right community — you know, with people with the same interest in art — but I also felt the insecurities any junior artist would feel when they’re inside the same room with senior artists. Let me just quote a line from an indie film ‘That Thing Called Tadhana.’

Akala ko magaling na ako, marunong lang pala.

I thought I was already great, but I only know how to.

Okay, enough with the dramatic intro (hahaha!). So Aaron and I went to the venue at around 4:16 PM because that’s just how early we wanted to be since the event said that it’d start at 5:00 PM, but we don’t want to miss anything so we just went ahead and came there early and, because we’re so early, when we got there the people are the still setting the venue up, but what caught my attention the most were the planners that were displayed at this one table and I can’t just scream in public so I held it inside me (lol).


There’s Aaron’s Totoro card and Spirited Away stickers, and my cutie Totoro pin

So while we were waiting, the registration table had several merchandise laid and all I see was Ghibli! (YAAAS!) There were postcards, notebooks, stickers, and pins! Oh, and they were all made by Sab Diegor, the 365 Wonders cover artist.

And, yes, I bought something and it was a pin that completely caught my eyes and it was the Totoro pin (although I haven’t decided where to put it), while Aaron bought the Totoro postcard and some Spirited Away stickers.

Next, we then got our hands on the sample planner because of two things 1.) Have a sneak peak of the planner and; 2.) Look for our works, but I think it’s mostly the latter part that we really did (hahaha!) so we flipped through pages and saw our works and, yeah, we were happy to see our works and names inside the planner.

Not quite sure where my words are but they’re there (lol)
Word on BG
Words on BG

Then we headed to The Wall of Contributors (I just call it that lol) wherein every contributors artworks were printed out and displayed on the wall. It was just beautiful so I just had to take a picture, plus Aaron’s artwork was there.

Aren’t the artists just so talented and gifted?
Here’s Aaron’s artwork

Shortly the program started and the first performance was by Ja Quintana and Peter Bacatan who performed music with a new genre in the Philippines I just discovered and heard last night, Folk Jazz. Believe me, it gave me goosebumps and my soul just felt alive. I recorded two of their performances just so I can share it with my friends, but I just don’t know how I’ll share them here.

Then we had Iana Forbes from Mayad Studios and Kassidy Bags talk about her life as a painter and I leaned so many things, especially the part when she mentioned about getting out of you comfort zone. It’s a cliche line, but it deepened my understanding about that sentence. So, noted!

The next speaker was Ara Vinzon who talked about her adventures as a writer. It was an emotional talk but she did great! I love her story about her trip in Japan with her brother and getting lost there and learning three things (if I’m not mistaken), which I kind of forgot one but there’s 1.) learning that her brother grew up to be a patient man and; 2.) learning that she was scared that everything she saw while she was lost will be gone. I’m sorry if I forgot the other one (huhuhu shameful).

Following Ara was singer-songwriter, Julianne Tarroja who performed three of her songs. My favorite song was ‘Grateful’ because it’s about being grateful that the One who created us has been there with us even if we feel that we cannot see any light in the midst of darkness. I also recorded her performances, but you guys can listen to some of her songs on her website.

After the wonderful performances by Julianne, we had the 365 Wonders Letterer, Crae Achacoso of Craelligraphy who talked about her simple works that she posts in Tumblr but, surprisingly, got so many notes. There’s this simple lettering — black font, white background, made with a mouse — but it had ninety thousand plus notes. She also talked about lots of stuff and showed us a few of her works and postcards that can be found in an upcoming book her friend will publish, ‘Found’ (I forgot the exact name and author huhuhu shame).

Lastly, we had the amazing founder of Woman, Create who’s the reason why artists gathered last night to launch that one planner that’s all about seeking new adventures each month, Marika Callangan aka Rika . She’s just an amazing woman — funny, even — and I just wanted to congratulate her again for a successful planner launching last night.


There were just so many people and (ate) Rika was kind of busy so Aaron’s hands got a little jumpy, but Rika’s still beautiful (ignore my face, please lol).

Marika Callangan, founder of Woman, Create


When the event ended, Rika gave the crowd a chance to get some artworks pasted on the wall and the digital collage was the first thing that my hand automatically touched and teared off the wall. To whoever made this amazing collage, I got yours and you’re such an amazing artist.

I hope to be part of Woman, Create’s next project (even if I ain’t a woman lol) and meet new people and maybe make friends this time. Time to get out of my comfort zone. You can still get your planners! Just visit Woman, Create and grab a copy now!


#365Wonders #WomanCreate


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