365 Wonders 2017 Creative Planner IS HERE


Woman, Create called for art and writing contributions to be included in their upcoming 365 Wonders 2017 Creative Planner in which me and my friend, Aaron, are part of it and now they’re having a book launching on November 25 (mark your calendars!!!) at Fullybooked High Street BGC, Taguig.

On the day of the launching, there will be talks and performances by different people to quickly showcase the creative planner.

Creative Empowerment Talks by: Crae Achacoso of Craelligraphy, 365 Wonders Letterer.

Performances by: Ja Quintana and Peter Bacatan.

Live art by:Sab Diegor, 365 Wonders Cover Artist.

It’s a really exciting opportunity to be a part of this creative planner and seeing it all come to life together with our fellow contributors and we’ll be spreading our work of arts to everyone and inspire them with every stroke and every letter we make. You don’t know how excited I am to be part of the book launching, but I’m also upset because Nov. 25’s a Friday and I have class on that day. Even so, I’ll try to find a way for me to be able to attend the launching.

Here are some samples of the 365 Wonders 2017 Creative Planner

Back to Back Cover by Sab Diegor


Sample – Monthy Openers


Sample Spreads


Sample Spreads


Sample Monthly Calendars


Sample Idea Sheets


First look of 362 Wonders Creative Planner

Pre-oder now: http://bit.ly/365Wonders2Order

Photo by Woman, Create

For inquiries and questions, feel free to contact them via socials Woman, Create (@womancreate) or via email: womancreate@gmail.com

— Jeremy

#365Wonders #WomanCreate



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