TWICEcoaster: Lane 1 Album Review


After debuting with their first mini-album The Story Begins, TWICE made a comeback in and celebrating their 1st anniversary with their third mini-album and working again with Gaon Chart K-pop Award’s 2015’s Composer of the Year Black Eyed Pilseung—who also composed Like OOH-AHH and CHEER UP—with TWICE’s title track TT.

  1. TT
  2. 1 TO 10
  5. PIT-A-PAT


Unlike Like OOH-AHH and CHEER UP which was a dance pop music that everyone could jive into, TT made their comeback  different by its deep house music. The instrumental’s pretty similar with f(x)’s 4 Walls and SHINee’s View—to give you an idea. The verses weren’t as strong as the previous ones but they did give Sana another pre-chorus hook with Nanana’s—similar to CHEER UP’s shy shy shy.

What disappointed me were the lack of dance break, the line distribution, and their vocals being produced. Every since Like OOH-AHH, TWICE has been giving us dance breaks during the bridge part of their song. CHEER UP‘s dance break disappointed me a little because of the lack of that choreography I was looking, then it all went to zero when TT had no dance breaks at all.

Line distribution was again a disappointment for me especially for the members Jeongyeon and Chaeyoung. I just hope that every member can shine in their title tracks as much as the members could and I hope their music producer makes a song that can be fairly distributed to the members based on their capabilities.

Having produced vocals started on their CHEER UP music track and I just find it quite disturbing because how unnatural it sounds when listened to. But I took consideration of these produced vocals in TT to make their vocals blend it with how their music was produced.

Overall, because of TT‘s uniqueness in TWICE’s music I fell in love with this song even if I had to listen to the track a few more times and the choreography’s simple and I am not really into easy choreos hahaha!

1 TO 10

Now this is the chill type of song I’d like to hear from TWICE. It’s not as slow and mellow but it’s also not too fast and poppy. It’s just the way I like it.

1 to 10 has this R&B type of vibe when it came to Chaeyoung and Dahyun’s part in the song and it all went well with that phone ringing effect that got me. The vocals were really nice and soothing especially Mina’s first part of the song and the chorus wherein you get that J-pop vibe and you just jam int the music.

The line distribution was pretty fair for me and I really got no complains on the distribution. They even utilized Jeongyeon’s girl-crush vibe voice during the Baby part.

Compared to TT‘s choreo, 1 to 10 seems like a reasonable dance one could try learning. I, for instance, have already memorized TT‘s steps so it’s a hype for me to learn 1 TO 10‘s steps and I find it enjoyable to learn and this song is just cute and I can’t stop chilling into this music!


When I heard this song in the album highlights there was only thing that came into my mind—anime. This is the type of song that gave me the same feels as with Girls’s Generation’s FLYERS in their Japanese album.

I’m sorry the guitars just gave off the vibe for it lol. Plus their voices were adjusted perfectly for the track. If there’s one thing that got me tired of listening to PONYTAIL was that the opening wasn’t really the type that hooked me. To be honest, it’s only the chorus that made me love this song.

TWICE surprised me with this song though. You would never have expected them to be releasing this kind of pop rock type of music that has this anime opening track vibe (or is it just me? hahaha!). But I got no other complains on this one except the off feeling I get at the first part of the song.


The opening beat of this track’s energetic and it got me hyped into that drum beats and snares then starting off with Nayeon and Jihyo’s repetitive jelly jelly lines. Also, am I the only one who gets cowgirl and cowboy vibes from the instrumental and vocals? Am I that weird already? Lol.

I find this track quite playful especially the chorus part and I can’t help but find this song really cute. But I think that’s also the problem why I don’t find this track as compelling as the other tracks. It is too cute. I maybe a fan of cute music but not as cute as this one. Having to use Sana and Momo at high parts of the song was just waaaay too high—considering Sana’s high pitch voice. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Sana biased and I think this is just a personal preference.

There’s an unofficially released video from JYP (yet) of JELLY JELLY‘s dance practice and I find it interesting, but I really got no plans in learning the dance steps because I still have other priorities *ehem 1 TO 10 choreo ehem*

Overall, not much of a fan on this song either so maybe I few more listen and adjustments to this song, but hey, I love TWICE so I just can’t hate this song track.


One of my favorite tracks in the album because of the albums another playful musical composition and vocal arrangement. Plus this track gave way to Nayeon and Jeongyeon with Nayeon being given the chance to showcase her high notes and Jeongyeon’s whimsical parts of the song.

To be honest, this is another TWICE song that gives off another J-pop vibes and I am sooo not complaining because it’s just perfect for me. Another thing that I love about this track is Tzuyu’s parts because of vocal rhythm that’ll make your body groove into it because of that up and down kind of rhythm.

Funny thing was when I started singing the pit-a-pat part of the song, I remembered a game with hand movements and even told my sister that there were cats who were playing the game then it hit me—IT WAS PATTY CAKE AND NOT PIT-A-PAT *ashamed Jem*

I am looking forward to a dance practice on this one and I hope everyone enjoys this as much as I did.


Another song that I fell in love with!

It’s also one of the songs that I loved at first listen (not counting the part where I heard this in the album highlights) and I just love how it’s a little chill type and also an upbeat vibe. It’s the type of song I’d listen to while walking or riding under the beautiful sunshine.

There were at least two things that made me love the song and those were Tzuyu and Mina’s low notes and the synthesized oh oh’s in the chorus. Mina’s already impressed me with her voice for the past tracks but I’d never expect that hearing Tzuyu’s low notes would give me legit goosebumps and I didn’t know that it was her the first I listened.

A fun fact on how I feel about this song is that I feel like I’m watching a Coca-cola advertisement when the chorus starts playing and I just can imagine a group of teenangers at the skating rink and opening a bottle of Coca-cola and have fun laughing and everything. It’s a perfect scenery for this type of song.

Or maybe it’s just only me, again. Lol.


The last track that wraps all of the songs in one relaxing acoutic pop tune track—ONE IN A MILLION, which is a song that’s been made for their fans in their unofficial fandom name—ONCE.

The acoustic guitar completely got me when I heard it the first time in their album highlights. So I got really excited that TWICE released another song accompanied by an acoustic guitar. What surprised me in this track was that even if Jeongyeon was given a small amount of (once again), she was given the chance to sang a high note and make an adlib. It’s one of the promising things that I would want to hear more from TWICE’s music with Jeongyeon’s voice.

In addition to having this as a song made for TWICE’s fans, looking up the lyrics completely touched my heart and, yes, I cried at this when I first looked up the lyrics. This is the kind of song that takes all the ups and downs of the album tracks and wrap them all up in a soothing acoustic pop track that’ll make you want to hear more of TWICE.

Okay, so maybe it’s a little unfair that I’m making an album review on this album and not on their previous ones. Although I fell in love with The Story Begins and PAGE TWO, TWICEcoaster: Lane 1 got me the most maybe because of the musical arrangement that made TWICE’s music unique from the other music I listen to. I think this is the type of uniqueness in songs that attracts me to listening over and over again. I’m looking forward to their first full album and hopefully Park Jinyoung (JYP) would be the one to produce their music by that time.

Let me hear what you think about TWICE’s title track TT and their side tracks.



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