Eating Donut with Coffee and Another Donut


Drinking coffee has always been my little happy pill ever since the time I learned about Cappuccino and Mocha plus drinking coffee together with Choco Butternut satisfies every tiny bit of taste buds in my mouth and it just hits the spot! But what’s better than drinking coffee and eating a piece of donut? Peeling your coffee cup to find out you got a free donut—and have another go.

The night before, I read an article at about the Top 10 Brewed Coffee for P50 and Under in Manila (2016 Edition) and saw that Dunkin’ Donut’s coffee(P40) was included in the list where it was mentioned that Dunkin’ Donuts definitely has their formula down pat, to satisfying results. Not only did the coffee satisfied my cravings but it also brought joy when I peeled my cup then received a Classic Donut with Car Toppings.

I learned then that Dunkin’ Donuts has this event Free Car in Every Cup Promo with the hashtags #FreeCarInEveryCup and #DDSurprizeCup—which probably explains why I got a car topping (lol). It comes with prizes such as Dunkin’ Ballpens, Dunkin’ Car Cellphone, and, the grand prize, one of the 7 Toyota Wigo. I don’t really know how to drive so having another piece of donut for free makes me more than happy.

If you’re interested—whether in the coffee or the event prizes—be sure to drop by your nearest Dunkin’ Donuts store and get a cup of their delicious coffee for only P40 and, if you’re lucky, you may be one of the people who’ll win a car—an actual car not like my car topping haha! Promo runs until December 15 so there’s pretty much time left! Go get’em!




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