Jem Jams, Vol I


Everybody gets tired.

After a long day of keeping yourself busy with so many things in life, maybe it’s best if you give yourself a chance to sit back and melt into the sound of music to relieve some stress. That’s mostly what I do when I get home from school or from events and my mind and body are drained and my brain needs more than the sound of white noise and cars speeding pass me. So I’d like to start a blog series on sharing my favorite mellow tunes that’ll help you relax your mind.

The playlist is mostly made up of piano music and I think that’s a safe start. There are also songs here that are a little mix of pop and finishing off the playlist is a little bit of Jazz music that helps with wrapping up the whole playlist. Here they are:

  1. BLUE (feat. Alex Hope) – Troye Sivan
  2. Home – Darren Espanto
  3. Clean – Taylor Swift
  4. Mrs. Potato Head – Melanie Martinez
  5. I Don’t Care – Ariana Grande
  6. Moonlight Chemistry – Jeff Bernat
  7. Love Me Or Leave Me – Little Mix
  8. I Got It Easy – Michael Bublé

I hope you’ll all enjoy the first set of playlist for this month. I’ll probably make other sets of playlist for different types of mood or genre. See you next month!



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