The Time I Went Basic/Hipster Fashion


As all of my friends know, I’m not the type of person to follow what is ‘in,’ in many aspects—it could be music or book genres, anime series, or in this case fashion. I just don’t like how I’ll be dealing with same things people are dealing with at the moment so I try to isolate myself and find what’s really there for me to try.

When I was a freshman here in my university, a lot of people were wearing the same type of clothes, obviously people’s fashion statement of what was ‘hot’ and what was not. Being a non-follower of what was ‘in,’ I distanced myself to the most popular fashion statement they’re all wearing which is what they call Basic Fashion or Hipster Fashion.

On the contrary, in my previous post during the SM Youth photoshoot, I decided to make a change for myself and at least try on the clothes that people adore so much so I tried on the shirt I borrowed from my friend Kyle, combining it with my black shorts and black shoes, then finishing off the outfit with a choker, bracelet, fedora and my round glasses.

I’ll be honest. I was more than satisfied with the outcome of my look that day. No wonder why a lot of people are so in love wih basic/hipster fashion. Although that still doesn’t change the fact that I still have my own fashion statement to live upon, but I will—starting today—be going basic/hipster fashion rarely (or never haha). Since I’m already talking about the mainstream, allow me to share another aspect the goes well with the basic/hipster fashion—the VSCO SE3 Filter.

Visual Supply Co. (VSCO) has this cool filter SE3 that can turn any photo into a basic/hipster photo because of it’s way of darkening the blacks and the amount of contrast and saturation it does doing the “bleach bypass effect” on photos. Combine this filter and your basic/hipster OOTD photo and you’ve got the blogger-style photo you want to achieve.

Knowing what’s ‘in’ and going with the flow of what’s happening in the society isn’t a bad thing, but so does isolating yourself from these trends and following your own river flow. There are a lot of people out there who are just like me who tend to follow another river current and avoid the mainstream. Whether you want to make your own fashion statement, prefer to listen to indie music, or the likes does not make you “not-human”. It just shows how you want to prove that it is not a general requirement to follow the mainstream and it is your choice to be unique.

You’re given a choice. Choose.


2016-10-05-08.51.34-1.jpg.jpegWhite Grid Tee // Tee Culture | Shorts // bought from a bazaar | Shoes // Topstar | Specs // Verona Optical | Choker // Regalo Atbp. (@regaloatbp on Instagram) | Bracelet // MSENSE | Fedora // bought from Hong Kong | Watch // Casio

Location: Glorietta, Makati

All photos taken by: Kyle Correa


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