SM Youth Celebrates #TeeFestival

SM Youth comes back this year with a university-themed campaign in order to celebrate the Tee Festival. For this campaign, SM Youth invited everyone to be part of the SM Youth University Yearbook Openshoot last September 9 – 11 at SM Makati and all you needed to do was wear your favorite SM Youth shirt and you’re ready to go for the photo shoot taken by the very Bjorn Manila.

I actually didn’t know about this event until I was tagged by a friend of mine on Facebook. Plus, this was new to me and I always keep in mind that when there’s even the slightest opportunity, don’t attempt to waste it. And attending the openshoot didn’t leave me any regrets

So I went with two people for this photoshoot—Kyle Correa and JC Pacis on the last day on September 11. These two are great future models because they have the number one asset that is most needed in the world of fashion and modeling—height. Unlike me, these two have a height above 5’5 so they have that modeling potential while here I am stuck with a height below of 5’5. Not that I’m complaining.

So before attending the photo shoot, Kyle and I went on a stroll around Landmark and Glorietta to have our own photo shoot. We also fed ourselves first so every part of body’s ready when sit and pose in front of the camera.

See how I look like a small potato when standing beside Kyle

The booth was almost everything I expected to look like. It was a public photoshoot wherein passers can just stroll pass you while you’re slaying in front of the camera. What I wasn’t expecting was that the ambassadors would be there to support the yearbook openshoot. The ambassadors who visited one the last day were Janna Tee, Tommy Esguerra, and Carlo Atendido.

From left to right: Janna Tee, Kyle Correa, Tommy Esguerra, Jeremy Velasco (me), and Carlo Atendido

Funny thing was, Kyle and I had to go inside H&M and rehearse in front of the mirror. Call us crazy but we were pressured even if the photos weren’t going to be official. It was still a photo shoot taken by a professional photographer. After making a fool of ourselves in front of the mirror, we were ready. It was Kyle who had his photos taken and I can say that Bjorn was satisfied with what Kyle was doing. I, on the other hand, just sat there, acted cute, posed, and that was it.

After the shoot, Kyle had to go home first and we had to wait for JC to come catch up. So I had to be with JC when he got his turn for the photo shoot and he was really prepared because of his excitement for this kind of opportunity.

Th official photos were released on September 13 on SM Youth’s page and were added to their photo album “SM Youth University Class of 2016 Yearbook.”

This was a very fun and overwhelming experience because my friends and I were able to sit and pose in front of the camera and have our photos taken by a Bjorn Manila, and be a part of SM Youth’s #TeeFestival and digital yearbook, I’m looking forward to more of this kind of opportunity.


Photo opportunity with the photographer, Bjorn Manila



Here are the official photos released in their page.

From left to right: John Carlo Pacis, Jeremy Aldrin Velasco (me), Ryan Kyle Correa



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