5 Tips on Being a Support in Summoners Rift

Being a support in Summoner’s Rift serves as a crucial role, since you will be the ones directing your teammates in any way you can. Although there are honorable support players in the field, there are still those people who still lack the knowledge of support. Thus, earning a defeat for their team. But I’m not putting the blame on the supports. So I’ll be giving out some tips on how to master being a support.

Work by Spez
Work by Spez
  1. Know Your Role
    • You are the Support of the team. Not a carry, not a fighter, and definitely not a tank. When going support this is the most important thing for you to remember. If you’re a support, stay on your role, hence having pure support items. Supports mainly don’t kill. They just support.
  2. Warding
    • One of the main things every support should do is warding. While all your teammates are busy doing their CS, you roam around the map essential parts of the maps (Buffs, Baron, Dragon etc). This way your team will be able to guard the objectives of the game and have control of the map, but be careful of enemy junglers that could squeeze you to pulp. You know what they say, buy a ward, save a life.

      Where to ward
      Buy a Ward, Save a Life
  3. Babysitting
    • ADCs (Attack Damage Carry) are the people who deals the most damage to the enemy, but should stay at the back together with you as the support, since they are the most fragile along with assassins. Your job as the support is to babysit them especially in early games so they can get all the money they need to build their items. They can’t do it without you.
  4. Getting to Know your Support
    • A player must know which champion he should use when player because every champion has their counters. Knowing your champions means gaining more knowledge on who goes well with who and who counters who. It’s pretty important how you are able to know this so that you know which champion you’ll use. Here is a useful chart on which support you should choose for your team’s ADC: link
  5. Accept Defeat and Have Fun
    • Pro players don’t always win. Sometimes you’ve just got to have to have to accept defeat and just have fun. Players learn from defeat and it gives them more motivation to do better next time. But keep in mind to balance your studies and gaming.

So I hope you did find these tips useful and enjoyed quite a bit on this post. It’s such a nice thing to see people working hard on these games, but on the contrary they tend to forget their school and house work. I hope you’re not one of them. Always have time to balance your gaming life and your social life in order to live longer. Hopefully, you learned something here and may it help you improve your support-gaming.

“Balance in all things” – Irelia, the Will of the Blades


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