POETRY: What Our World Should Be

Credits goes to the owner of this photo


Oh, what our world should be

Disasters are happening, you see

One can’t change the world

When it has been twirled


Once a dirty one, always a dirty one

That phrase we should all shun

Don’t belive in such phrases

It’ll take your mind to places


Ever heard of changing,

When all you think of is failing?

Make your move

We’ve got something to prove


Laugh about a handicapped

You’ll find yourself in a booby trap

A trap where you can’t escape

Now you can’t see the beautiful landscape


Come. Help us make it knew

And our lives will be renewed

Sin will be erased

Our fears we’ll face


World is changing gradually

If we help it faithfully

Whenever in need

We’ll help in every deed


Oh what our world should be

Less disasters now you see

We’re starting to change it

I hope you can see it


This last verse is to warn

Help the ones who mourn

And if you don’t help

You’ll find yourself stuck, and yelp

—Jeremy Velasco


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